One of my earliest memories of my life was announcing to my parents that I was going to be a vet when I grew up. I was maybe three. I grew up in White Rock, British Columbia Canada, and when I was in fourth grade we moved to Burlington, WA. By then I was still on track to be a vet even though I came close to changing my mind after my first 4-H project when I lost one of my lambs to bloat.

I attended Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC and then went to Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Paul and I met when we were both in vet school, and after graduation and our wedding in the spring of 2005, we moved to Texas where we each completed equine internships. I also worked at a small animal veterinary hospital in Ft. Worth.

Paul and I moved to Redmond in 2010 and I worked as a relief vet in several other clinics around Central Oregon before joining Cinder Rock’s staff of doctors in 2013. My professional interests include dentistry, ultrasound, surgery, wound management and critical care medicine.

Our human family includes our two fast growing sons: Austin and Carter. Our animal family seems to grow even faster. There is one cat named Wally who eats a low carb diet so that we can keep his belly under control. We have three dogs. Charlie is a 7-pound Miniature Pinscher who sleeps under the covers but has awful breath if I don’t take care of his teeth every single day. There are also two Aussies – Willow and Ringo. And we have three horses – two Tennessee Walkers, and a Paint. We have 20 laying chickens: Black Australorps and Silver Laced Wyandottes, and 6 Khaki Campbell ducks widely regarded as the best duck egg layers. We have 4 mama Suffolk sheep and a ram named Captain who give us lovely lambs each year. We also raise 3 calves every year. And probably due to the fact that my mom allowed me to have sheep when I was a child, but never pigs – I am now happy to have many Berkshire pigs! There are 4 sows/mammas and 15 growing piglets all pasture raised. We farrow out about 40 piglets twice a year mostly for butcher, but some 4-H pigs too, just like I always wished for.

Taking care of the farm and our family – both human and non-human – is how I spend my free time when I am not working. Being with the boys, playing with the pigs, gardening, canning and downhill skiing fill my life to overflowing.