Jill is a Boise, Idaho native that spent 25 years as a hair dresser. She has always had a love for furry animals and decided to pursue her veterinary technician degree from COCC, graduating in 2016. In February 2020 she joined the Cinder Rock team as a CVT.

For over three years Jill worked at a Central Oregon veterinary clinic but wanted to work in a clinic closer to her home. She is excited to expand her knowledge at Cinder Rock. She is especially interested in dentistry and ultrasound technology. She hopes to never encounter a snake or frog patient as these are the two animals she is a bit afraid of!

Jill lives with her husband, Harry, who is the fire chief in Crooked River Ranch. They share their home with three Newfoundlands (Bella, Piper, and Swayze) and Truman a pit bull mix. She loves living near her daughter Brittany. When not working, Jill enjoys hiking- especially mountain peaks, biking, and staying in to crochet.