I have loved animals since I can remember.  My parents moved me from Napa Valley, California at age 11 to Redmond, Oregon with a promise of having my very own horse.  As a kid, I was ecstatic for the new adventure, but sad to leave all my friends behind.  Growing up in Redmond, however, became the adventure that molded my true passion of caring for animals.  I quickly became involved in 4-H and FFA by showing sheep, hogs, horses and livestock judging.  My childhood was surrounded by memories of going to every jackpot show, open horse show, Deschutes County Fair, Oregon State Fair, California State Fair and anything that we could fit into the summer or weekend.  I graduated from Redmond High School in 2005.

I went  to Oregon State University for my undergraduate studies and graduated with an honors BS degree in BioResource Research in 2009.  My research project and undergraduate thesis was on the use of Artemisinin to treat Mycoplasma haemolamae infection in llamas.

I decided to take a year off between undergrad and vet school.  I came home to Redmond for the year and was lucky enough to work for Dr. Susan Bertram as a vet assistant.  Dr. Bertram was an outstanding mentor and went out of her way to foster my learning.  I watched her use acupuncture in pets suffering from osteoarthritis pain, neurologic diseases, kidney disease, and so much more.  I was amazed with the outcomes, and my passion for veterinary medicine grew!

I got accepted into Colorado State University Veterinary School and graduated in 2014 with my DVM degree.  In the last year of vet school, I went through the CuraCore Integrative Medicine and Education Center (specially offered to CSU vet students) and became certified as a veterinary medical acupuncturist.

After graduation, I had two requirements: a big city and somewhere warm!  I was hired as a small animal associate veterinarian at Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona where I practiced for four years.  My professional interests include acupuncture, pain management, dermatology, surgery, preventative care, dentistry, and last, but not least, cardiology (with a special love for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).

I met my boyfriend, Beau, through a very silly online game (called Clash of Clans).  We realized after a couple of years that we missed the small town atmosphere, and I especially missed being close to my family and friends.  I am lucky enough to have a partner who knew it was time for me to come home and would gladly follow me.  I am so excited to be working at Cinder Rock in my home town!  We have a Golden Retriever named Beira, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Kai (full name Chiron and my perfect little shadow), a Phoenix tuxedo cat named Pai Mei (who was brought to Blue Cross by a good samaritan at 5 days old and close to death), and a chubby long-haired tortoiseshell cat (who is perennially off and on some form of diet and screaming at Beau and me about it) named Bebe.  Some of my personal interests are traveling, hiking, kayaking, and touring different breweries and wineries. I also enjoy musicals or professional dances along with spending time with family and friends.