Dr. Snair

I grew up in Redmond and we lived on a quarter horse ranch. My dad raised rodeo and race horses, and when I was a child I remember always being involved helping the veterinarians who came to attend to the animals we raised. In addition to the horses we had cattle, cats, dogs and sometimes pigs and sheep. We kept the doctors busy, and as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a veterinarian – I never considered doing anything else.

My mom was my biggest supporter. She always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be and I never doubted her. She always found a way to pay the next tuition bill or buy the next set of books.

I went to Redmond High School and during my junior year, I was an exchange student in Denmark. During my senior year of high school I worked for Dr. Bob Huckfeldt and Dr. Jay Bettesworth at Redmond Veterinary Clinic. After high school graduation I went to Central Oregon Community College for a year and then transferred to OSU for the last three years, graduating with a BS in Science and a BS in Animal Science. I attended OSU College of Veterinary Medicine, which at that time included a year and a half at Washington State University’s Vet School for the small animal education classes and clinics. Between my sophomore and junior years of vet school I spent the summer working for Dr. Keith Sides at Cinder Rock Veterinary Clinic and also as a technician when I came home on breaks from school.

I did an internship during my senior year of vet school at the Calgary Alberta Zoo. One of the things I learned there was about the importance of listening carefully to the caretakers. They are the people who live with their animals day in and day out and they observe the subtle changes in their animals. Another thing I learned about was socialized medicine. I cut the tendons to my left thumb removing the spinal cord from a deceased zebra and ended up in a cast for six weeks after hand surgery.

I graduated in 1990 with a DVM from each OSU and WSU. I asked Dr. Sides for a position as a veterinarian in Spring of 1990 and have been here ever since! There is no aspect of veterinary medicine that does not interest me, but above all, my special interests have always been small animal and equine dentistry and reproduction.

I live in Redmond with my husband Gary, daughter Halee and our twin sons, Tyler and Thomas. Our animal family includes two Golden Retrievers: Rusty and Molly, two bulldogs: Diesel and Mendoza, one cat named KitKat and three quarter horses: Te, Spicy and Chexy. And a Paint horse named Warrior is currently living with us too.

My free time includes chasing kids, their sports, activities and school. I also enjoy helping with 4H and OHSET. I volunteer at school and at church, and always try to find time for sewing and quilting and traveling.