Every time I come to Cinder Rock, I feel like the girls in the front think my pet and I are the most important, loved ones there. Of course I see they treat everyone that walks in the door the very same way but I still like to think we are all special! The awesome staff makes the entire experience from the time you walk in the door to the check-out process a very positive one every time.

I believe the vets at Cinder Rock are all hiding wings under those scrubs. Our personal vet, Gayln Snair, is truly amazing. She gets on the floor with my dog and loves him like her own. She smiles and pretends my psycho cat (he only acts that way at the vet) is the greatest cat on earth as he is trying to bite her hand off. As my old guys are aging, she has faced some real challenges with jaw cancer as well as feline kidney and bladder issues. Because of her skill and innovative thinking, they are still living happy, healthy lives. In previous years, when the time has come to let our precious animals slip away, she, as well as the staff truly hold you up and grieve with you. When there have been times I’ve needed to see one of the on-call doctors, it has always been a great experience.

I refer all my friends and family to Cinder Rock and I always hear positive feedback about their experiences. In fact, I recently referred a friend who was in a tough situation with her dog after trying to save a few bucks with a not so nice vet who left her basically stranded. It was after hours, my friend was a wreck and the dog was a mess. Dr. Karen was on call that night and as always, I was so impressed with the care given to my friend and her beloved dog. When we left hours later, she asked me if I thought she hugged Dr. Karen too many times in appreciation. That’s when you officially become a loyal, returning patient. I personally haven’t shopped for a vet regarding associated costs, but I do know that the care you receive at Cinder Rock is top notch and is worth every penny spent.