Chelsea, who is originally from Culver, graduated from Culver High School in 2003.  She attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.

She has lots of memories of coming to Cinder Rock with her mom’s Chihuahua and her own two rescue Boxers that she was fostering during that time.  She had been active in 4-H equine activities when she was in school and she just knew that centering her career around a medical environment was the perfect fit for her – especially a medical environment that involved helping animals.  In August 2017 Chelsea joined our front office staff, “soaking it all in” while learning all she could at our practice.  In the fall of 2018 Chelsea made her career-changing decision to enroll in classes to become a Certified Veterinary Technician, which has meant that she is now working as a veterinary assistant, helping the doctors and the animals.

Chelsea lives in Culver with her husband Justin and their daughter Irish.  They share their home with River, who is a female chocolate Labrador Retriever and Lux, who is a female silver-colored Labrador Retriever.  They also have 11 chickens, all have names of course, and both River and Lux help take care of the chickens.

Chelsea has a variety of interests that occupy her free time, when she can find some.  She likes to paint, and she likes to make jewelry.  She enjoys crocheting and sculpture.  She enjoys training her dogs and adventuring outdoors.  She has recently started learning about metal smithing.  And she has been a professional photographer the last 15 years, but says she is taking a break for now!