Annual Wellness Exams

The key to excellent preventative care for your horse is an annual wellness exam. This yearly exam is a good time to visit with one of our veterinarians to talk about nutrition, behavior problems, emerging disease threats, and to develop a parasite control treatment plan that is specific to your own needs. The annual wellness exam provides an opportunity to bring your horse up to date on season-specific vaccinations. Annual wellness exams are the best way to detect and treat health problems before they become serious.

Dental Care

Cinder Rock offers complete dentistry care for your horse. Using both motorized and hand-powered tools, our doctors provide maintenance and preventative dental care to horses of all ages. Diagnosing problems of the equine mouth is greatly enhanced by the use of our digital radiography which gives us images in seconds that are clear and detailed. Among many benefits, proper regular equine dental care can prevent premature tooth loss, reduce impaction and colic, allow easier tooth eruption and prevent pain during feeding and bit use.

Emergency Services

For emergency services, please call BEND EQUINE EMERGENCY SERVICES, which is staffed at ALL times by experienced emergency equine veterinarians and technicians.  Your beloved horse will be monitored continuously throughout the day, night or weekend ensuring the highest quality care during your horse’s time of need.

Bend Equine Emergency Services
19121 Couch Market Road
Bend, OR  97701

Alternatively, you can also call our regular phone number after hours.  Our message instructs you to press 2 for equine emergencies. The phone will direct you to BEND EQUINE EMERGENCY SERVICES.