Dr. Laidley

Every once in a while, my Canadian accent comes out!! I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and lived in Edmonton, Alberta until I was fourteen years old, at which time my family moved to Bernardsville, New Jersey (holy culture shock!!). I grew up loving all animals and always wished for a horse I could call my own. “Freckles,” our English Springer Spaniel, was one of my best friends and saw me through college before heading over the Rainbow Bridge.

I attended Colby College in Waterville, Maine and heeded the advice of my two older siblings to take full advantage of my liberal arts education. While I had known since I was eight years old that I wanted to be a veterinarian, I opted to pursue a major in Anthropology! I participated in numerous sports, was a member of an a cappella singing group and a rock band, and was Vice President of the student body. My senior year while living off-campus, I chose to raise “Andy,” a black Labrador puppy for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind on Long Island, NY. His education was incredibly well-rounded and he graduated with honors, making someone’s life richer and better.

After graduation from Colby in 1993, I was offered the opportunity to be a hiking and mountain biking guide at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona. I attended the University of Arizona part-time to take the remaining prerequisites needed for veterinary school and LOVED being a guide! I knew that getting into veterinary school would be a challenge, but I also knew that I didn’t have (and didn’t want to have) a backup plan. So I applied to fourteen schools in the US and was lucky to get into nine, with the dream of attending Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, NY. For me, that dream became a reality! I still played volleyball and ultimate Frisbee and enjoyed running and kayaking when not studying. During summer breaks I had a blast as a whitewater rafting guide on the Kennebec, Dead, and Class 5 Penobscot River in Maine, job-shadowing a large animal veterinarian on my off days. Talk about amazing opportunities!!

After graduation from Cornell in 1998, I returned West. Almost my entire immediate family had moved to the west coast of the US and I wanted to be closer to them. I started my veterinary career with a short stay in Olympia, WA, then moved to Brookings on the southern Oregon Coast to be a part of Town and Country Animal Clinic. They were wonderful mentors and enabled me to blossom! There I bought my first home and used a home equity loan to buy my first horse, “Peanut,” a Thoroughbred mare, with whom I began my passionate journey of Three-Day Eventing. We shared many joyous adventures together and she gave me my first foal. Deservedly, she is enjoying retirement here on our farm.

I moved to Central Oregon in 2004 and joined Cinder Rock a year later. I found my dream property, a 24 acre farm on the south end of Redmond, just before starting at CRVC. When I first turned Peanut out into one of my pastures, I looked to my father and told him, with tears in my eyes, that “all my dreams were coming to fruition.” From that, Fruition Farm was born.

Thanks to friends who set us up on a blind date, I met my dream of a husband, Scott Hampton, and we married here on the farm in September 2010. He is my perfect match in every way! We support each other’s dreams and look forward to growing old together with all of our four-legged children. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to know that I really am living the life of which I always dreamed! My family is amazing and I am fortunate to have wonderful parents who are also two of my closest friends. I love being a veterinarian and I especially treasure the relationships that I have been given the opportunity to foster with clients and their pets over the years. As a Three-Day Eventer and as a veterinarian, I’m grateful to be given the chance to fulfill my passion for teaching and living life to its fullest! I live life by Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, “Every day is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.” It’s an honor to be living my life – thanks for being part of it!