Courtney is a Bend native and is a graduate of Mountain View High School. She first joined our staff in September, 2013 as a kennel attendant and then in March 2014 she started training as a veterinary assistant.

Courtney had always wanted to work in a veterinary office, but it was an incident in which she rescued a dog that had been hit by a car and took it to be treated at the Animal Emergency Center of Central Oregon in Bend, that actually inspired her to want to center her career in a veterinary environment so that she could learn to help animals.

At Cinder Rock, Courtney is busy learning as much as she can about the services we provide to take care of all the health needs of our clients’ cats, dogs and horses.

Courtney lives in Bend and her animal family consists of Dexter, a male Dachshund/Yorkshire terrier mix, Basil, a female Long-haired Dachshund, and Francis, a domestic shorthaired cat. When she has free time, Courtney enjoys horseback riding, rock climbing and spending time with her dog-children.