Ryly is a native of Central Oregon and grew up in Bend.  She graduated from high school in 2015 as a student in the Early College Program through Baker Charter Schools and COCC.  She then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences at OSU in Corvallis in the spring of 2018.

Ryly, who had grown up around animals and had her own horse when she was quite young, remembers a series of wonderful veterinarians who made a big impression on her as she watched them helping the animals.  Observing the kindness and the skill of those doctors influenced her decision to work in a veterinary practice.  And what she enjoys about working at Cinder Rock is not only seeing all the dogs, cats and horses, but also talking to our clients about their animals, and being part of the environment where she is learning to help animals too.

Ryly lives in Redmond now and shares her home with her Border Collie “child” named Maejor.  She also has a horse back in her life.  Jewel is a quarter horse that was rescued by her sister and then rehabilitated back to health.  Ryly says that Jewel has made her fall in love with horses all over again.

When she has free time, her favorite things to do are riding and taking care of Jewel, going to the lake, and hanging out with Maejor.

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