//Cinder Rock Ramblings Issue #59, January 1, 2018

Cinder Rock Ramblings Issue #59, January 1, 2018

Let’s Make a Difference for Everyone’s Mouth!
Karen Laidley, DVM

     Most, if not all of you, have heard us talk at some point about dental health and how it relates to your pet’s well-being. As a profession, we are learning more and more about oral diseases and what we can do to help prevent and/or properly address them. Recently, we held a thorough three-day seminar for all our staff with Dr. Cindy Charlier, a certified veterinary dental specialist and a creator of VDENT (Veterinary Dental Education, Networking and Training), whose goal is “to educate the entire veterinary healthcare team about oral health and its impact on all of our patients.”  Her seminar was phenomenal and I can say with confidence that it made a difference in how each member of our staff will address oral healthcare from now on.  I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 19 years and this Continuing Education course single-handedly changed how I see oral health and what  recommendations I will make for ALL of my patients for the rest of my career!

Dr. Keith performing a dental procedure.

For many years, we have been providing leading-edge oral healthcare for your pets.  Digital oral radiography has been a mainstay for most oral procedures and oral surgery techniques are constantly updated to keep current with expert recommendations.  Dr. Charlier praised us for our already excellent level of oral healthcare at Cinder Rock.  Her goal was to elevate us to an even higher level.  So, what does that mean for you and your pet(s)?  After our examination, we will create and review a thorough treatment plan for your pet’s necessary procedure(s). Pre-anesthetic bloodwork will be performed and a date for the procedure will be set.  When the day of the procedure arrives, and your pet is in our care, an IV catheter will be inserted for safety and ease of medication administration.  A three-person team consisting of your veterinarian, a certified veterinary technician and a veterinary assistant will work together to care for your pet at all times.  One team member is specifically dedicated to anesthetic monitoring from beginning to end (using pulse-oximetry, EKG, blood pressure measurement, temperature regulation, heart and respiratory rate assessment, IV fluid administration, etc.) watching for any changes that could affect your pet’s health.  Simultaneously, the other two team members will clean the teeth, probe for pocketing around each tooth, chart all abnormalities and perform full-mouth radiology.  From there, we determine what, if any other procedures (nerve blocks, oral surgery, etc.) need to be performed, and once finished, your pet will receive appropriate supportive care through every step of recovery.

At CRVC, we pride ourselves on providing excellent patient care and excellent customer service.  Your veterinarian will call you after your pet has recovered from anesthesia to review everything that was done and to answer any questions you may have.  We will schedule a discharge appointment from the hospital during which we will review the radiographs and all the procedures that were performed and, if appropriate, will arrange a progress exam to evaluate oral healing and to review oral home care options.  Dr. Charlier’s seminar changed my mind and helped me understand that the presence of ANY gingivitis, plaque or tartar means that oral  disease is beyond home healthcare remedies and requires our intervention.  You trust us to do right by your pet, and we will recommend only what we believe your pet NEEDS to stay healthy!  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns – we will be happy to share our improved understanding of how we can better care for your pet!

Quick Bites

  • We are pleased to welcome three new members of our staff.  The first is Pattsy Housley, who joined Cinder Rock’s front office staff this past June.  Pattsy is originally from Arlington, WA and now lives in Crooked River Ranch.  She graduated from Ridgeview High School and is currently a student at Central Oregon Community College.  She shares her home with two rescue dogs:  her Blue Heeler mix named Milo and her Golden Retriever named Kodah.
  • Chelsea Blackmore, another new addition to our front office staff came to work at Cinder Rock in August 2017.  Chelsea is from Culver and remembers coming to Cinder Rock when she was a child with her mom’s Chihuahua and her own two boxers that she was fostering.  Chelsea lives in Culver with her husband Justin and their daughter Irish.  They have two Labrador Retrievers named Lux and River and eleven chickens.
  • Heather Worlein is a new member of our kennel staff since September 2017.  Another Central Oregon native, Heather is from Prineville.  She has an Associate’s Degree in Pre-Vet from COCC and will be attending both COCC and OSU Cascades working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.  Her goal is to go to Vet School to become a large animal veterinarian, and the experiences gained here in the office are invaluable to her in every conceivable way.
  • October 19-21, the entire staff at Cinder Rock Veterinary Clinic attended a dental seminar.  We felt it was valuable enough to actually close the clinic for the very first time to make it possible for everyone to attend – from the staff in the front office to the kennel staff in the back – and Dr. Karen’s article in this newsletter describes more details about this outstanding seminar.
  • Here’s an update on our SONNY’S SUNSHINE FUND:  Our funds raised to benefit the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch were successfully completed with $750 donated by Cinder Rock, our generous clients, and other friends and families.  And starting November 1st, our current effort is to help Crook County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team.  The SAR team is a group of about fifty volunteers and five search and rescue-trained canines dedicated to providing search and rescue services to individuals in the tri-county area who recreate in our beautiful back country, urban and rural areas.  With little county funding available for training and animal care, Sonny’s Sunshine Fund in honored to be able to help!

Our beloved Sonny is comfy supervising everyone in our front office.

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